Charity Fundraiser for Nepal Earthquake Victims

In response to the earthquake that devastated Nepal last month, the Hong Kong Chess Federation, with the support of Nepalese chess players in Hong Kong, will be holding a charity fundraiser during lunch hours of the Hong Kong National Rapid Championship to raise money for those in need in Nepal.

Location: Po Kok Primary School

Date and Time:  5th July 2015,  12:00-14:00

Format: A group of Nepalese players will be present to play 5-minutes blitz games with those who made donations.

Donations: It is recommended that a donation of at least $50 to be made for each game.

Sponsorship*: The HKCF welcomes sponsors for this event. Cheques should be made payable to “Hong Kong Red Cross South Asia Relief Fund” (please mark “Nepal Earthquake 2015” at the back of the cheque.

Donation Target**: All donations would go to the “Hong Kong Red Cross South Asia Relief Fund

The Hong Kong Chess Federation has long enjoyed the support of Nepalese chess players, as evidenced by their frequent appearance in all HKCF events. We are deeply shocked by the tragedy. I wish to appeal to you all to put the spirit of international chess into practice and extend our care to our brothers and sisters across the globe. Let us live the motto of the international chess federation, “Gens Una Sumus”, we are one people.


*Recipient amended

**In view of administrative issues, donations will be directed to the HK red cross south asia relief fund instead of the previously stated Nepal red cross