Representing Hong Kong

Throughout the year various opportunities exist to participate in official (overseas) tournaments. For some of those the organizers waive entry fees and/or provide free lodging for official players representing their federation.

From June 2015 HKCF will be introducing transparent selection criteria for (overseas) representation. The year 2015 will thus unfortunately be a transition period as for some overseas tournaments we did not have a matching qualifying event and deadlines of several official events can be very tight. When we produce the calendar of HKCF tournaments for 2016 it will be clearly stated which tournaments and/or other criteria apply for players to qualify for representing HKCF in (overseas) official tournaments.

Below table is the preliminary 2015 result for qualification and representing Hong Kong. Note that in addition to the relevant events other criteria apply as well, e.g., commitment to play the entire tournament and not a few rounds. Minors, in case there is no HKCF official delegate attending the event, need to go supervised by their legal guardian or an adult taking over such duties on behalf of the legal guardian.

Qualification Events and Criteria for Representing Hong Kong