Simul at the University of Hong Kong

Simul at the University of Hong Kong

In our effort to promote chess to the wider community, HKCFL accepted the kind invitation from the University of Hong Kong, to give their students a simultaneous chess exhibition. It was held at Lap Chee College on Wednesday 22-Feb-17. 17 participants took part, and it was truly encouraging to see the diversity of the participants — with players coming from a range of countries such as India, the USA, China and Malaysia. There was also a variety of playing strength — there were a few beginners, but also players who have participated in international tournaments as well.

To show our respect to such a wonderful event, HKCFL sent Hong Kong’s top-ranked active player, FIDE-Master Daniel Lam, to be the exhibitor. After a grueling contest that lasted for nearly 3 hours, including one 70-move game featuring opposite-colour bishop ending with one rook on each side, Daniel managed to win all 17 games. After the contest, it was wonderful to see the students asking Daniel questions on how they should do to improve their games, as well as general questions to HKCFL President, Mr. Robin Lai, and General Secretary, Mr. Sydney Lai, about the Hong Kong chess scene and HKCFL activities.

HKCFL commits to raising the profile of chess in Hong Kong, and welcomes invitations of such events. Please contact any of our committee members if you require our service!


Daniel Lam's


HKU Simul in Progress

Award given to Daniel Lam for HKU Simul

Group Photo at HKU Simul